Why Mexican nationals can't participate in the International Experience Canada (IEC) program

I successfully got IRCC to share the reason why the Youth Mobility Arrangement between Canada and Mexico was suspended through an Access to Information and Personal Information online request in August 2022. The Mexico suspension applies to the IRCC Recognized Organization (RO) IEC program too. In relevant part:

“The Canada-Mexico YMA was unofficially suspended in 2015 due to domestic legislative changes by Mexico in 2012 that made it impossible for Mexico to implement the YMA as it was agreed to in 2010. For example, Mexico increased the financial requirement for Canadian youth to $30,000 (CAD) in savings (compared to the $2,500 (CAD) requirement for Mexican youth); and required Working Holiday applicants to have a pre-arranged contract of employment at the time of application, contrary to the open work permit language in the YMA. These challenges resulted in low participation amongst Canadians. Between 2011 and 2014, 998 Mexican youth participated under the YMA, while only seven Canadians participate.”

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