Automation to speed up processing of International Experience Canada work permits

On November 7, 2023, the IRCC made a groundbreaking announcement: the integration of automation technology into the processing of IEC applications by the team in Ottawa. This leap forward promises not only efficiency but also a new era of rapid processing for aspiring participants in the International Experience Canada program.

The foresight behind this technological integration is evident in the swift processing times witnessed by some of our valued clients at CRI in early November. Take a glance at the attached screenshot showcasing the journey of an Aussie client's RO IEC Working Holiday. Submitted on the morning of November 3, 2023 (Coordinated Universal Time), the letter of introduction materialized within a mere 12 hours. An extraordinary feat, particularly for those equipped with pre-prepared police certificates.

While Labour Market Impact Assessment processing time in BC languishes around 80 days, the IEC automation initiative heralds a refreshing contrast - speed, efficiency, and a streamlined application process.

For IEC eligible nationals yearning for an extended Canadian experience, embracing IEC participation with an IRCC Recognized Organization (RO) is a strategic move. By doing so, you not only expedite work authorization but also navigate through a remarkably efficient application journey. Obtaining multiple IEC work permits, for example through an RO, can be a great alternative to the cumbersome LMIA process for those wishing to put themselves on a pathway to PR.

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